As I have gotten older, I realize life truly is an exploration journey of learning and sharing those memories. For me, Photography has always been that outlet for learning and sharing those life lessons and memories. As my journey in life continues, it has brought my wife and I to our new home in Anchorage, Alaska as of May 1st, 2018.  I strive to capture memories as we see them and as they happen during a specific time in our lives.  I have found, that through photography, we can communicate our lives and dreams to one another.  Photography has always been an interest and love of mine that has evolved into my career. Although, landscape and wildlife photography are my main passions, I enjoy the challenge of photographing all types of the art form including Family and High School Senior portraits.  Please feel free to browse through my Fine Art Galleries for purchase or individual photo licensing.

My philosophy is "Live life or it will pass you by."

William T. Dziuk